• Winter Semester at the Kollel
  • CLAS - Community Learning At Shomrai
  • Horeb: The Power of Mitzvos
  • Parsha Explorations
  • Yesodei HaTorah
  • Sunday Brunch & Learn Kollel
  • Women Of Valor
  • Potomac Programming
  • Pearls of Prayer
Welcome to the Greater-Washington Community Kollel

The Greater Washington Community Kollel was conceived as a Torah learning center to service one of the largest Jewish communities in North America with a total Jewish population of over 170,000 individuals. The unique demographics of Greater Washington, having among others a substantial young and vibrant sector in positions of influence and communal service, befitting a capital city, provided the Kollel with a unique opportunity to reach forth and establish itself.

Our Programs
The Kollel offers many learning opportunities for the beginner and advanced alike. A typical day begins early with Daf-Yomi, and concludes with a well-attended evening seder with numerous shiurim to choose from.

Winter Semester at the Kollel

Join the Kollel each evening for various classes by Scholars and adjuncts of the Kollel, or for a chavrusa. Meet with the Sugyos B'Iyun Chaburah as they learn through a Sugya from the Gemara down to the practical Halacha. Other classes include The A-Z of Jewish Living, Yesodei Hatorah, The Battlefront, The Book of Genesis, Appreciating Providence, and Jewish Mysticism. Please see the flyer for more details.

CLAS - Community Learning At Shomrai

Join us at Young Israel Shomrai Emunah for a variety of classes, or check out the Shivti in-depth chabura learning weekly topics. A special treat - join us on Wednesdays for sushi or Thursdays for falafel!

Horeb: The Power of Mitzvos

Join Mrs. Sara Malka Winter and discover the life-changing lessons of the mitzvos! This class explores the transformational power of mitzvos through the eye-opening insights of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch.

Parsha Explorations

Join Rabbi Grossman for an in-depth weekly exploration of a theme associated with the upcoming week's parashah. The subjects are varied, including halachic, theological, and philosophical, and the intersection of these disciplines as they relate to Biblical exegesis.

Yesodei HaTorah

Join the Kollel's Yesodei Hatorah program and master the skills for independent Talmud study! Check out Yesodei Hatorah at the Kollel, Young Israel Shomrai Emunah, and Young Israel Ezras Israel Potomac. Click to see the full flyer for details.

Sunday Brunch & Learn Kollel

Start off your week with the Kollel! Join us for bagels at 9:30, followed by a variety of classes on the weekly Parsha, Navi, Talmud and Jewish Philosophy.

Women Of Valor

Discover the inspiring lessons of the great women of Jewish history! For women only.

Potomac Programming

Our Kollel is geared to serve the entire Greater Washington Community. We have a special program at the Young Israel Ezras Israel of Potomac, Maryland from 8:15-9:15 PM every Sunday evening. Choose from an array of well-presented classes on Talmud (advanced and beginner), Jewish prayer, and expositions on Chumash.

Pearls of Prayer

This weekly class for men and women explores the depth and meaning of our daily prayers. Join Rabbi Zakem for Jewish thought and life lessons based on the text of the weekday Shemoneh Esrei!

Our Faculty
The Greater Washington Community Kollel is honored and privileged to have the following individuals as faculty, adjunct staff, and alumni of the Kollel:

Rabbi Kalman Winter ZTL

In 2008, Rabbi Winter ZT"L founded the GWCK, the capstone project of a successful Rabbinic career. Rabbi Winter was involved with the running of the Kollel on all levels until his passing in 2012. His vision and imprint still directs the Kollel to this day.

Rosh Kollel/Dean

Rabbi Menachem Winter

Rabbi Winter is the head of the Kollel. In addition to overseeing the daily functioning of the Kollel, Rabbi Winter teaches two advanced Talmud classes and a weekly Parsha class. Join Rabbi Winter at his lively and interactive shiurim!

Rosh Chaburah

Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman

Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman is the Kollel's Rosh Chaburah and Senior Lecturer, leading the Kollel faculty in an intense study of Jewish law in both the morning and the afternoon. Rabbi Grossman also lectures throughout the community on a diverse range of Jewish philosophical and halachic topics.

Director of Community Outreach

Rabbi Yonatan Zakem

Rabbi Yonatan Zakem serves as the Kollel's Director of Community Outreach, working to expand the Kollel's programming throughout the community. Join R' Zakem for his Sunday morning class based on the philosophical introductions of the Rambam!

Director of Special Projects

Rabbi Hillel Shaps

Rabbi Shaps has been with the Kollel since 2014. He teaches a number of classes, including a Jewish Mysticism class, a Navi class, and an interactive group for High School students. Rabbi Shaps also arranges special projects for the Kollel.

Kollel Scholar

Rabbi Yaacov Sternman

Rabbi Sternman joined the Kollel in 2016. In addition to his learning with community members, Rabbi Sternman leads the Kollel's Yesodei Hatorah program, with classes at the Kollel and Young Israel of Potomac.

Director of Alumni Activities

Rabbi Yisrael Glassberg

Rabbi Glassberg was with the Kollel as a full-time Kollel Scholar from 2010-2012. As Director of Alumni Activities, Rabbi Yisrael Glassberg works with Rabbi Winter on Kollel projects, and interfaces with the community as a Kollel representative. Mrs. Elana Glassberg runs teenage youth activities and discussions for teenagers across the Greater Washington community.

Kollel Adjunct

Rabbi Zacharia Schwartz

Rabbi Schwartz was a full-time Kollel Scholar from 2012-2015. In addition to his profession in the field of cyber security, Rabbi Schwartz continues to be involved with the Kollel's programming and teaching. Join Rabbi Schwartz for one of his Chumash classes!

Kollel Adjunct

Rabbi Avrohom Sussman

Rabbi Sussman directs the Yesodei Hatorah Program in Kemp Mill. Join Rabbi Sussman on Thursday evenings to advance your Gemara proficiency skills!

Kollel Adjunct

Rabbi Yair Friedman

Rabbi Yair Friedman was with the Kollel from 2008-2010, at which point he became a teacher at the Torah School of Greater Washington. As an adjunct faculty member of the Kollel, Rabbi Friedman continued to participate in the Kollel’s chapter of the Yesodei Hatorah Program until 2016.

Kollel Alumnus

Rabbi Shmuel Leigh

Rabbi Leigh was with the Kollel from 2008-2011. Currently, as founder and programming director of the Golden Network, he continues to serve the Jewish learning needs of the Greater Washington community.

Kollel Alumnus

Rabbi Shmuel Lichtenstein

Rabbi Lichtenstein was with the Kollel from 2008-2011. He is now a beloved and respected Rebbe in the Torah School of Greater Washington.

Kollel Alumnus

Rabbi Dovid Brotsky

Rabbi Dovid Brotsky taught a number of weekly study groups on areas of Jewish thought, such as Jewish Mysticism and the works of Rabbi Dessler. Rabbi Brotsky graduated from the Kollel in 2014, and now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he works in IT and continues to be a positive influence in the community.

Mission Statement

The Kollel’s mission is twofold: Firstly, to develop Rabbinic scholars who are deeply knowledgeable in Jewish law and custom, and well-qualified to serve as effective leaders and educators in Greater Washington. Secondly, to engage the community and to inspire and educate both the young and old, affiliated and unaffiliated, scholar and beginner alike, through the power of Torah study, our heritage.

To achieve these two objectives, the Kollel operates on two parallel, complementary levels. It is a place of Jewish learning where our carefully selected, fully trained Kollel Scholars continue in intensive Torah study. In addition, these scholars devote themselves to reaching out to the community, teaching, educating, and inspiring. The Kollel has extensive classes and programs which run the gamut of the Jewish experience including advanced and beginner Talmud, Jewish ethics and morality, prayer, and self-improvement.

The Kollel has reached hundreds of men and women with classes in D.C., Kemp Mill, Rockville, Potomac, and White Oak. Our Kollel scholars have managed to touch the lives of many, teaching how the Torah applies to everyday lives and enriching the spectrum of our existence from effective parenting and happy marriages, to our conduct in business and society, and living a life of happiness and meaning.

Our alumni, true to our mission, are already enriching Greater Washington as well-respected educators and outreach professionals.